Slickrock Expeditions 2001

Three generations on Six Runs Creek, NC

More than half of the Slickrock Expeditions run each year are not described in this web site! That's because many groups contact guide Burt Kornegay to schedule their own private trips. Here's a sampling of custom-tailored trips run in the past few years.

  • a family hiking and canoeing exploration of Big Bend National Park, TX
  • a spring backpacking trip in the Citico Creek Wilderness, TN, for a group of adult couples
  • a canoe trip down the Ogeechee River, GA, for school teachers participating in a seminar sponsored by the NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching
  • a father-son canoeing trip on the Blackfoot River, MT
  • a family canoe-camping trip in Ontario
  • a backpacking trip in the Big Snowbird Backcountry, NC, for Upward Bound students from Tusculum College, TN
  • a backpacking trip for a group of adult couples in Panthertown Valley
  • many different father-son and father-daughter groups on backpacking adventures in Panthertown Valley, the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness, and on the NC Bartram Trail.

Burt designs each trip to suit the groups' interests and abilities. He also provides all food, equipment, and local transportation; and he runs each trip himself, serving as naturalist, wilderness instructor, and guide. Groups return year after year for new adventures.

Snapshots on the Trail

Ali and I had an incredible weekend with you and the rest of the gang. As you might imagine, I'm now ready for Class 9 Rapids, thanks to your guidance and directions. It's probably no surprise to you that I've never been involved in any outdoor camping, hiking or canoeing activity before, but I plan to try to visit you at least once a year for our annual father/daughter or possible father/son outing.

Jerry Steinhorn

What a truly fun weekend we had with the "wilderness gang." It was great finally to be with you after hearing stories of your trips for so long.

Connie Anderson 

The thing I admire about you the most is your letting people figure out for themselves what they need to be doing in the woods. You give them just enough to maintain and would be there in a second should something really go wrong. It was nice to watch you offer challenges, whether it be setting up a tent or finding a way across a rock face, and then waiting for the person to figure out the challenge for themselves. That is a way people learn and have a sense of accomplishment.

Missy Manning

Our wilderness rafting and the trip to the Great Smoky Mountains were interesting, but we can't even compare them to the time we spent with you in Panthertown Valley.

Misha, Tanya, Leo, Ester, and Saul Dubrovsky

To Make Reservations...

     Custom-Tailored Trips are scheduled on a first-come basis, the dates being guaranteed by payment of a reservation deposit. The cost of the Expedition is based on the type of trip it will be, the place to be explored, and the group size. Contact Slickrock Expeditions for reccommendations and cost.


For suggestions and prices, contact:

Burt Kornegay
Slickrock Expeditions
P.O. Box 1214
Cullowhee, NC 28723

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