Slickrock Expeditions 2001

Slickrockers Through The Years

Many people who take a Slickrock Expedition find themselves returning year after year to make new trips. Here are some veteran “Slickrockers” who have made at least 5 Expeditions, and many of them more than 10.

They, and the exploration of wilderness, are what “Slickrock Expeditions” is all about.

Shem and Chip
Sheryl Anspaugh
Shem and Chip
Tim Belk
Shem and Chip
Shem and Chip Blackley

Tim Carstens
Vivian and Corey Brown

Monica Chew and Chris Karlof

Corinne Cooper

Misha and Tanya Dubrovsky

Lynn Wright, Larry Evans, Bobby Simpson

Drue Ferrante

Rob Johnson

Tim Johnson

Carol Kelly

Jim Klopovic (and friends)

John Manuel and Cathy Murphy

Dan Manus

Carole McCrary

Mimi McCrary
Martha Moore
Bob Moore
Tina and John McGuire

Brian Napier

Perry Roy

Teresa and Mark Shuler

Ken Silvestri, Chuck Hendricks, Mark Jacobson
Pam and Dave
Jeanne Stokes

Lisa Stroud

Phil Stroud

John Weigle
Pam and Dave
Pam and Dave Sprinkle
Ted and Edward
Ted and Edward Tewkesbury

Larry Weaver and Ted Griffin
Ted and Edward
Ellen Thomas


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